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Now our company is introducing the Data Entry Plans with more comfortable process. Its a work where you have to enter words which will appear on you monitor screen by using our provided software/Website. In this job 800-2500 words will equal to 1$ USD according to different plans. You can earn upto 150$ Dollar a month by working 4 to 6 hours daily.


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Read Terms & Conditions

  1. In Data Feeding/Data Entry Project total 20$ will be deducted once in a month as service charges.
  2. Registration Fee of any project is not refundable / transferable. Ownership of Account may not be changed. User can switch their Data Feeding account to Data Entry Account but without any refunding (Switching charges will be applied). Only real owner can get payment of his/her work from Head Office. No one is allowed to ask for the payments or work detail from any franchise or sub office. Only Head Office is having an authority to send the complete work detail. Users can contact for any work related issues/reg/training/latest updates/Terms about work from any Reg Sub-Office or Franchise.
  3. In Data Feeding Group Working is not allowed. Multiple Tabs, Multiple logins, is not allowed otherwise registration will be terminate after three warnings and user will not be paid for his any previous work and payments.
  4. Multiple accounts handling, more than 12 hours working in a day/ more than 1500 posts in a day / more than 125 posts in an hour, more than two accounts on same IP or Any Software is not allowed otherwise effected assignments will be rejected. In Data Entry more than 10,000 posts in a day/more than 1,000 posts in an hour are not allowed. In any violence of terms user’s registration will be suspended without any warning as well as user will not be paid for his any previous work and payments.
  5. Payment of each compiled Assignment/Work will be credited in user’s payment area till 5th to 10th of each month and user will receive the payments after 15th of each month according to global agreements.
  6. In Data Feeding Account user can withdraw his/her payment after completing the minimum payout limit of 100 dollars. In Data Entry minimum limit is 50 dollars. In case of Global issues or Network problem payment order can be delay for 2 to 3 days.
  7. In Data Feeding /Data Entry Project you will get assignments/work payment according to 90% assignment accuracy. Below 90% accuracy, the completed assignments/work will not be paid.
  8. Please save your system (computer) from any type of virus, it may corrupt your assignment counting. Any type of computer virus related issue will be responsibility of user.
  9. Any kind of commercial or illegal use of these accounts strictly prohibited. Commercial / time shifting, Computerized LABs are not allowed. In case of any proof of this violation all involved user will be terminated by the company without any notice.
  10. We need sincere workers to promote our products by working on our projects. If any user will not operate his/her Data Feeding / Data Entry Account then his/her account will suspend at –100$ (Negative Balance).
  11. User can check its correct and wrong entries during the work. In case of any penalty, Company’s decision will be final. User cannot challenge computerized checking/Scanner of Assignments submission Time/ Dates/ Counter.
  12. All above terms & conditions are designed only for quality & fair work. Company can change its terms & conditions according to project requirements.
  13. All the disputes will be decided only in the courts of Bahawalpur.